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“Recent study shows dancers are 12 x more likely to have this serious medical condition!”


Active kids are more likely to develop Scoliosis

Active kids are more likely to develop Scoliosis

A New study which compared dancers with non dancers between 9 and 16 years of age found that dancers were 12.4 times more likely to have scoliosis than non dancers of the same age.
Scoliosis is a serious spinal deformity that causes the spine to shift bend and rotate when looking from the front view. It can cause pain but is often painless for many years, causes poor flexibility and function and can cause body and self esteem issues in young people and can cause heart and lung problem if progresses.

“Adolescent dancers, similar to adult dancers, are at significantly higher risk of developing scoliosis than non-dancers of the same age.Vigilant screening and improved education of dance teachers and parents of dance students may be beneficial in earlier detection and, consequently, reducing the risk of requiring surgical intervention.
The interesting thing was that there was no difference between hours danced per week and prevalence of scoliosis.
It seems that extra amount of physical stress on the spine during the developmental ages predisposes to the spine literally buckling.
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At Life chiropractic we use digital posture, x-ray and EMG scanning to detect scoliosis, postural imbalances and spinal misalignments before they become major issues.
Our primary goal is help our patients function better and prevent problems later in life so they continue doing what they love. We utilise a combination of specific adjustments to the spine, spinal exercises and spinal traction devices.

We see many patients with scoliosis and have great outcomes with them. We use the Scoliroll orthotic device in the office and teach our patients how tot use this at home.


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Dr. Trent Hedlam Paleo docDr. Trent is a Sports and wellness Chiropractor at LIFE CHIROPRACTIC OXENFORD. He is a dad, surfer, paleoer, crossfitter, Blogger, wellness speaker and Co-Founder of EPIC HEALTHSTYLE. He is a sought after speaker and has taught thousands of people in business’s, schools and community groups where health really comes from.


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