The New Year Starts Today

Healthy New Years ResolutionsWe are only weeks away from 2012 and I have a feeling that this will be a year to remember for those who are committed to making lifestyle changes when it comes to the food we eat, the amount of exercise we perform, the stress relief activities that we engage in, and the allocation of time for self-reflection. The reason I have decided to compose this blog post for all of you today is because the NEW YEAR starts RIGHT NOW! What I often find is that people tell themselves they are going to begin a “diet” in the New Year, start working out in the New Year, become more conscious with their family in the New Year, create a business in the New Year, seek help for an addiction or disorder in the New Year, and the list goes on and on. I am sure that every single person who is reading this blog post can relate with the concept of making a change in the New Year that never actually takes place. The result is just another year of unfulfilled goals, debilitated dreams, and a person who is no different this year than the last. But if you are truly committed, and your WHY is more substantial than your HOW, then the time is here to start the New Year Resolution process.

As a culture, we often put things off until “tomorrow” because just the thought of taking action on something that happens to be plaguing our existence is a task that we would rather address at a later date. The problem which arises is that “tomorrow” never comes because we consistently tell ourselves that we will start the process on the tomorrow after tomorrow. What you must realize is that once you think about something that needs to change, there is NO BETTER TIME to begin the implementation method then at that point. This is the same for your New Year Resolutions because we feel the pressure to proclaim what we are going to do differently this year once the clock strikes midnight, only to awake the next morning without the insatiable desire which is necessary to have a change like this take place. I do not believe that this is a universal dilemma, but I do believe that it is as close as you can possibly get to negatively impacting the lives of everyone. Whether the tasks we need to accomplish are petty and mundane, or the goals that we set are critical to the way we live our lives, ACTION must be taken, rather than PROCRASTINATION, to affect a change.

These next few weeks will provide you with a foundation to grow from during 2012 and beyond. If you doubt this strategy, or you do not intend on following it because you believe that “this year will be different,” I encourage you to answer this question…

How could it hurt to start the process early?

Now is the timeIf what you have done in the past has not provided you with the results you were looking to accomplish, then it is time to change what you do in the present so that your future will be drastically different. My goal with this blog post, like all blog posts, is to educate, inspire, and then compel you to take action so that your life can transform into what you have always desired for it to be. We have seen amazing changes take place at our practice when it comes to the health of each individual that we work with because we become your accountability partner and CHANGE is the only byproduct that we will accept. Therefore, maybe your resolutions have to do with your relationships, your lack of diet or exercise, the amount of time you spend with your children, breaking a disorder or addiction, starting a business, writing book, etc.; regardless of what they are, I want you to understand the NEW YEAR STARTS RIGHT NOW!

Therefore, I would like to wish you a HAPPY RIGHT NOW NEW YEAR!

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