It’s Time for Cleansing

Dr Scott recommends healthy eatingThere is no better time than NOW to shed whatever kind of weight (mental or physical) you’ve taken on during the year. The reason I am making this comment is twofold…First, many of us have set New Year Resolutions about getting healthier, losing weight, exercising, etc., but I am assuming that only a small percentage have actually followed through. The byproduct of this inaction, is mental stress, whether we believe this to be true or not, because once again we have fallen short of achieving our goals. Secondly, I KNOW everyone desires to be in good shape. Therefore, one way to start this process regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of overall health is cleansing. Cleansing can reset your body and mind for warm weather and sun, help release residual toxins, and reduce bloating and puffiness which helps you look and feel your best. That being said, cleansing can mean a million different things for different people and the beauty of this process is that it does not need to be EXTREME, nor should it, but rather, it should be an adaptation to your current lifestyle which is sustainable.

Cleansing: It’s Not A Diet!

No matter what you aren’t putting into your body while cleansing, the one thing you should not feel during the process is deprived and starving. So often, people fail at intense cleanses because they’re starving and can’t take it anymore. The key is in the intention that you attach to the action, which in this scenario is a cleanse. This intention needs to be clearly defined and measureable. If weight loss is what you desire, then what is a reasonable amount of weight that you feel can be lost; if energy is what you yearn for, then what will you reasonably be able to do if the cleanse were to work; etc. With this being said, the key ingredient to your success with the cleanse is to recognize the overriding purpose which is to re-train your body to crave healthy foods and healthy habits that will eventually aid in weight loss when you go back to your normal routine. Please refrain from doing a cleanse after coming off of a marathon, a strict diet, or any other extreme situation. (Don’t start a cleanse the day after a huge party where you over-indulged either – you might feel like you need to cleanse asap, but it will just shock your system). And instead, consider a cleanse when you start feeling run down, like you can’t wake up in the morning, and you are struggling with concentration. Cleansing is also a great way to kick bad habits like too much coffee, alcohol, sugar, wheat or meat.

So What to Do?

Fitness BallWhat kind of cleanse you do depends on your current diet and how active you plan to be during your cleanse. If you are a Standard-American-Diet (SAD) eater you might just want to cut out meat, dairy, wheat and sugar and see how that goes for a while. Going from the SAD diet directly to more than a day or two long juice cleanse, or a strict raw-food cleanse might shock your system. You will also probably be starving because you have not given your body a chance to readjust to not having certain substances and so you’ll be more likely to give up. Just make sure you are increasing your veggie intake, and try to incorporate fresh, organic (preferable green!) juices, while drinking lots of water!

If you are already a fairly healthy eater, a vegetarian or a vegan, we’d recommend doing a raw food cleanse for a few days, incorporating lots of fresh organic green juices. In lieu of a juice fast, you could try the raw-vegan route, with the last day or two (or three or four!) drinking only herbal tea, green juice and tons of water.

Closing Remarks

Regardless of what you do, I want you to know that we are here to support you. One of the things that we have found while working with 1,000 of people in the community when it comes to their lifestyle, is that chiropractic care is IDEAL for starting and sustaining the process of health and wellbeing. We focus on your entire body and during our initial consultation (which will be free for all new patients) we will be able to determine exactly what YOU need in order to realize that you can begin living in a way that you may have never deemed possible in the past. Therefore, I encourage you to call the office and setup a convenient time to stop by. Thank you for all that you do and remember it is time for CLEANSING!

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