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Wellness Chiropractor, speaker, health consultant, host of the Innate Doctor podcast

Dr. Trent Headlam B.appSc MChiroSc

My name is Dr. Trent Headlam and I’m Postural Corrective Chiropractor, a dad and a husband. I host the Innate Doctor Podcast and speak all around Australia to people wanting to get healthier and to other health practitioners wanting to improve the health of their patients.

I love what I do and I am passionate about helping people achieve a better life. My main focus in the office is around what I call the 3 P’s. PAIN, POSTURE AND PERFORMANCE.

For the majority of people they seek help when they get pain and I get it I’d want to get rid of my pain too. The problem is that by the time you feel the pain, the body has probably been losing performance and function for a number of months and in a lot of cases years.

There are 4 areas or requirements of health that we all need to meet in order to function well. Those are your nutrition, your movement, your mindset and your posture. A lot of people might be exercising and eating right but might be in a stressful relationship or might have terrible spinal posture leading to poor function, low energy and eventually pain.

Pain is really the bodies way of telling you something is not quite right. Almost like the red light beeping on your car saying check engine. Now hopefully you don’t just put a piece of masking tape over it and pretend there’s nothing wrong with your car but this is exactly what most us do with our bodies. We ignore or cover up the signs and symptoms our body is telling us that something is not right.

Think about it, every time you take a pill to help with the pain whether its back pain, neck pain a headache whatever it may be, is it really addressing the problem?

I pride myself on helping people understand their bodies from a different perspective altogether.

See most people think chiropractic is for back and neck pain and headaches but it actually for the body to work better so it can heal better so those pains can actually recover properly. It is about removing the pressure the spine is putting on the underlying nervous system (Brain, Spinal cord, Spinal nerves).

Check out this video I put together to help explain it a little better.

As proper posture and alignment is a requirement for good health even if your exercising and eating all the right foods the body cannot function at 100% if their is pressure on the nervous system.

Once the normal alignment is restored in the spine by correcting the abnormal spinal positions that we call “subluxations” the body can start to heal and function in the way that it should.

I have worked with everyone from a 1 day old baby to a 93 year medical doctor to professional athletes and this is what I know. Every single human being does better when they have a healthy spine and posture. period. Like maintaining our car regularly to live a healthy happy pain free life maintaining your spine and having regular checks by a chiropractor is a sure way to stack the odds in your favour.

If you believe you or a family member could benefit from a full spine and posture check please click the link below. If you are not in our area please contact us and I will personally find a chiropractor in your area that can help you.

Dr. Trent is a sports and wellness chiropractor and one of the owners developers of L.I.F.E Chiropractic Global and the EPIC Healthstyle program.  He has extensive knowledge in health and wellness and is a sought after speaker who on maximising health and longevity. He is the host and creator of the The Innate Doctor Podcast and has interviewed famous authors, athletes and health professionals all over the world in his search for a better understanding of health.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Complimentary Medicine with post graduate qualifications in sports chiropractic.  Dr Trent is also a certified crossfit strength and conditioning coach.



(Full price is regular $160 including X-rays)

Full comprehensive spinal assessment. No Expiry on offer. Does not include treatment. Includes X-rays in Oxenford or medicare rebated external. No hidden costs. We offer this simply to see if spinal care in our office is suitable for you or not. We hope to see you soon.

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