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Meet Dr. Scott Vatcher


I completed 80% of my 

undergraduate degree 

‘knowing’ I was going 

to be a medical doctor… 

Then one day everything changed…



Dr. Scott has been involved in human wellness and performance as a student, teacher, coach, speaker, author and chiropractor for the past 20 years.  He received an Honours Degree in Biochemistry, a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a diploma specialising in Paediatric (children) care.  Dr. Scott believes that taking care of pregnant women and babies is the most important and special thing he can be doing for his community.

Dr. Scott is a father who is passionate about teaching families how to live an EPIC Healthstyle.  His personal mission is to have one thousand local families living an EPIC life.  His passion for health and wellness was born after seeing the amazing recovery his mother had experienced through the utilisation of Wellness Chiropractic when the Medical Profession had essentially ‘written her off’.  After this, Dr. Scott turned his focus away from traditional medicine and started a different journey which has seen him travel the world, including Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.  He has worked with numerous sports stars, singers and movie stars including the Adelaide Crows, Adam Brand and Vinnie Jones.

Dr. Scott truly lives what he preaches and is actively involved in many sports including running and Cross Fit.  His unique style of Wellness Care has him busy writing for Mens Fitness Magazine and speaking both locally and nationally informing and inspiring audiences to achieve an EPIC LIFE!