Do you use the 5 Most Overused Words Often?

5 overused wordsI thought of an interesting post for today as a result of having three conversations, with three different people, who expressed the same challenge in their lives. “I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME…” As a result of these discussions, I began to think about the concept of time and how this is the only component of our lives in which everyone in the world is on the same playing field. People are born with different amounts of money, opportunities, physical appearances, friends, etc., but the one area that is exactly the same for each individual, regardless of where they live or who they associate with, is that we all have 86,400 seconds in each day and it is our CHOICE on how we spend them.

Some of the common complaints that I hear from patients in our office include a lack of time for…

Social life
Eating healthy
Well, I think that the first question that we need to ask ourselves is “What is most important?” because our dilemma has nothing to do with time, but everything to do with how we prioritize our time. Remember, we are all on an even playing field when it comes to time so why do some people struggle with not having enough time for their family, while other people are challenged when it comes to getting enough sleep, and other people cannot find time in the day to exercise? There is actually a universal answer to this question, but the only way to derive the solution is if you choose to be honest with yourself and admit that we make time for the things that we want to make time to do; or in other words, we assign a higher value to certain activities than to others. With this being said,

How much time do you spend on Facebook, watching television, talking on the telephone, etc.?

I think that it is important that you realize that I do not have the “right” answer to this question. I do not have any expectations and I am certainly not judging you based on your response. But my intention is for you to be honest with yourself in order to determine if you are truly prioritizing in a way that will enable you to achieve everything that you desire during your life.

I have used a strategy for the past 4-5 years that has enabled me to become more effective and never feel the need to verbalize the 5 most overused words… “I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME…” The strategy is fairly simple, something that I am not claiming to have developed, but my hope is that as a result of reading this blog post, you are now looking at your world through a slightly different perspective, operating from a honest frame of mind, and prepared to take action so that tomorrow can be drastically different than today. The strategy is called My Wishes versus My Priorities (SYNDUIT has a picture of this), and the table below is an example of how I structure this approach into my life.

my wishes my prioritiesI encourage you to take however much time is necessary to perform a self analysis of your wishes and priorities. I firmly believe that results are born from a sense of awareness, and as long as you are honest with yourself, this list will provide you with a tool that will hold you accountable for turning your wishes into priorities.

For example, let’s assume that you wish you had the time to exercise for an hour each day, but one of your priorities is to speak with your closest friends on the phone for an hour each day as well. It is obviously not possible to complete both activities, which could lead to a sense of failure. A potential solution would be to compromise these activities and perform thirty minutes of each, which happens to be better than nothing, or to form a synergy amongst these hobbies by purchasing a headset so that you can talk on the phone and exercise simultaneously. This enables you to take an item from the wish side of the chart and convert it to a priority without affecting any other areas of your life. Another example might also have to do with the wish of exercise, but your priority to spend time with your children. The solution is simple because you can begin to perform physical activities together and once again move a wish to the right side of the chart. The point that I am stressing upon is that all of your wishes can become priorities if you “want it bad enough.” We do not need to compromise areas in our life and instead we can start to synergize. The reason I am sharing this with you is because in the coming months I will offer some guidance about having your New Year’s Resolutions become a REALITY. This is the time of year when we make grandiose plans that often, turn into significant failures. Let’s make this year different by performing this exercise so that we never have to use the 5 most overused words ever again.

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