Do You Desire to be Well?

The best Chiropractor in Oxenford shares his views on healthIt seems as though the word ‘wellness’ is everywhere these days. There are tons of wellness products and wellness services available to cure virtually any kind of ailment, lifestyle disease, or to relieve stress, etc. But did you ever contemplate the word, ‘wellness’ and what it actually means to you, and even more importantly, how one actually achieves it?

The way that I personally define wellness, I know this is different for everyone, is:

Wellness is the degree to which an individual experiences health and vitality in any dimension of their life. Where dimension is defined as Eat 4 LIFE, Move 4 LIFE, Think 4 LIFE, Connect 4 LIFE.

So, with that being said, wellness is not a fad, or something that we achieve in our lives, but instead it is a way of life, or what I like to call, a lifestyle. There is unfortunately a misconception that being “well” requires hard work and sacrifice, but what I encourage you to realize is that the only reason you may consider this decision to be challenging is because it is NEW. Think back to when you first learned how to ride a bike or drive a car, the anxiety that may have surfaced was probably overwhelming, but this was only because the activity was NEW for you. I know that you no longer consider either of these undertakings as difficult in the least bit because you have learned how to adopt them into your life. The same will happen with the concept of “being well and staying well,” but the only difference is that the result is far more significant than any car or bicycle, because the outcome is directly correlated to LIVING a healthy and vibrant life.

The reason that our office utilizes a wellness model when it comes to empowering people to make the necessary lifestyle changes is because it is our mission to

Adjust and inspire families towards amazing levels of health naturally… 4 LIFE.

It has become abundantly clear that the healthcare crisis extends far outside the scope of anything that can be resolved within the world of politics, which is why we need to play our part in order to become educated and more aware of how our lifestyle choices directly correlate to our overall level of well-being.

I hope this message inspired you to spend a few moments today in order to assess your life from the perspective of reaching for your full potential. If for some reason you feel like you might be falling short when it comes to your physical activity levels, your diet, or from the stress that you experience on a daily basis; then I would be honored to help you find a solution. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns and if you know anyone who resonates with our mission, then I encourage you to share this message with them as well.

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