Are you FOCUSED today?

Dr Scott at Oxenford Chiropractic helps with focusI was thinking about what separates people from achieving the life that they always dreamed of, versus others who consistently tell themselves the story about why they are falling short. These are two extremely distinct domains which happen to fall on the opposite ends of the spectrum in life, but the differences between both groups are minor and surround the concept of focus. I know for myself, when I have “laser sharp focus” on what I am looking to achieve, I typically see the task or goal to fruition, as opposed to when I am unsure of the desired outcome.

There is a quote which I recently read and I wanted to share it with you because I believe that it might resonate and inspire you to begin operating from the domain of focus as opposed to chaos:

“Every action requires an intention because an action without an intention leads to a result without an achievement. Results are by chance, whereas achievements are by choice and can be replicated time and time again.” ~Jared Yellin

My personal focus and vision for my practice is to help you live your LIFE in a way that you may have never deemed possible in the past.

So my question for you is—What is your FOCUS when it comes to your health and well-being?

My intention with this message is to inspire thought, which will become the catalyst for action, so that you can become someone who is living the life that they have always dreamed of while allowing their focus to guide them on this journey.

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